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S.I.S.T.A.R Circle

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Join the most active and engaged circle of sistars in the U.S for wombmen (womb bearing people) in all stages! "Fertility is our birthright - but genuine understanding of fertility goes beyond the ability to have children. It acknowledges that growth of any kind is our true form".   In this safe space, you'll get access to...

  • Weekly Live yoga & meditation sessions 

  • A Community of health & wellness practitioners  

  • Diversity (a community that is culturally competent and inclusive).

  • Education (information that is evidence-based).

  • Connection (events that bring people together).

"This May be the most valuable FREE group you'll ever join"...


Reclaim our power

We currently live in a society in which respect for the feminine is rapidly disappearing. Wombmen are losing their freedoms and personal power. Healing can be done in joy - and with movement! There is synergy in raising power together. That synergy creates more energy than when we do this alone. Join us for our FREE LIVE healing art workshops, events, and Yoga sessions.

Plug into the natural cycles of nature

Learn Sustainable health practices that shift us into alignment with our bodies' natural cycles and nature's rhythm. This education empowers us to work with our bodies' intelligence not against it. connect with a network of wombmen who lead experiences that inspire us to live in communion with the earth to cultivate herbs, healing, and happiness.

Consult with a community of wellness practitioners 


Everything in the universe is connected. When your mind, body, and/or spirit are not in harmony with the universal flow you will have dis-ease in the body. Be educated, inspired, and advised by an abundance of wellness & healing art practitioners about reproductive, sexual, hormonal, maternal, mental, nutritional, spiritual, and financial health.    

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