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Achieving Proper Balance

Ways to Connect with yourself, source, and others.

The current climate has us craving connection with self, source, and community.

This group of ladies is marching together to achieve proper balance. Despite being different across several dimensions - age, race, culture, and abilities, Karen Smith (31), Melissa Mizrahi (42), Beth Preston (50), and Sarah Allen (53) came together to share their authentic experiences.

One thing they all have in common, Motherhood. What's most personal is most universal. The mission is to help readers like you discover practical ways to cultivate a connection with self, source, and community to bring balance into your life. We are stronger together. Authentic connections enable us to counter stress, struggle, and isolation with love and compassion for ourselves and others..

"We aren't meant to do it all, rather we are meant to make choices about how we spend our time and energies."


Maintaining self-identity and sanity requires a commitment to self. If you find yourself "losing me"or needing a source of recharging, it's time to retreat inward and connect with yourself. Make room for YOU somewhere during your day of Wife-work, Mommy-work, home school, volunteer work, and/ or work-work. Incorporate exercise and Yoga into your routine. Heart-opening asana (poses) paired with pranayama (breathwork) results in a boost of energy, positivity, love, compassion, and a sense of connectedness to life. Practice mindfulness during the day. And relax the mind and the body in the evening with a warm bath or shower with baking soda and your favorite essential oil(s).


Source provides whats is needed and supplies us all with strength, regardless of one's beliefs or religious affiliation. When we find ourselves uncertain, worried, or in need of healing it's time to connect with Source. Incorporate meditation and/or prayer into your daily routine. svadhyaya, study the sacred texts. And take off your shoes. Connection with the earth neutralizes free radicals and supports better mood, sleep, and overall health.


COVID-19 has left some of us craving social interaction as a result of isolation or disconnection from family and/or social circles. It's time to try on non-traditional means of engagement within the community. Join a local Facebook group, schedule regular virtual gatherings with friends and family. And register for volunteer opportunities that support social interaction and honor COVID-19 regulations.

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